Clinical Trial Programs

Providing Our Patients Access To Cancer Clinical Trials


Cancer Clinical Trials

We have partnered with Southern California Oncology Research Alliance (SCORA) in order to provide our patients with access to clinical trials. Through our joint collaboration currently we are able to offer a variety of clinical trial programs for the development of new and effective anti-cancer medications. These robust programs include Phase II, III and IV cancer clinical trials.

Cancer clinical trials have led to many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of many forms of cancer and other diseases. Trial programs have also given doctors the ability to track the effectiveness of treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy across many types of patients, over a period of time. This information is used by the medical community to help health care professionals find better ways to treat cancer. The information about patients, their lifestyle and family history that is gathered for clinical trials also contributes to a better understanding and prevention of cancer and other diseases.

If you are currently a cancer patient, or at high risk for developing cancer, you may be qualified to participate in a clinical trial. This important decision involves understanding the medical benefits and risks of clinical trials as well as practical aspects, such as time commitment and travel costs. Its important to note that our Clinical trial programs have many safe guards built in to protect patients’ privacy as well as their medical and psychological well-being.

It is important to keep in mind that participation in a clinical trial is voluntary. If at any time during the trial the patient decides to stop treatment, we will support their decision. To get more involved in helping the advancement in medicine and/or in providing patients access to new found research in cancer treatments, please get in touch with our trusted experts at SCORA that specialize in oncology research.

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