Three Things You Need to Be Doing Now

Healthy Habits

Now that the New Year is in full swing here are three healthy things we must all committee to in order to help prevent cancer. Some of the topics covered may not be new but we hope to shed some light on the importance and the ultimate impact they have on your body.

Quit Smoking Already
Yes the science is in, its a known fact that smoking cigarettes play a major factor in the development of certain types of cancers including lung, esophagus, mouth and throat. Smoking has even been linked to acute myeloid leukemia and heart disease. The dangerous chemicals known to be in cigarettes have been well documented by researchers. According to the National Cancer Institute out of the 250 known harmful chemicals placed in cigarettes 69 can cause cancer. The chemicals laced in that pack of smokes include arsenic, cadmium, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde just to name a few. The good thing is that studies have shown that quitting cigarettes has an immediate benefit to your body. It is said that after you quit your respiratory system immediately begins the process of trying to heal itself. For those that have been diagnosed with cancer kicking the habit helps improve your body’s ability to heal after surgery and you will ten to respond better to chemotherapy and other types of cancer treatments.

Start Eating The Right Food
No signal food can prevent cancer however studies do suggest that eating a diet filled with an assortment of vegetables, fruit and whole grains help to lower your risk of developing cancer. Research has shown that the phytochemicals within plants have demonstrated anti-cancer effects. Phytochemicals is what gives certain vegetables the rich green color in kale and spinach or the deep red color in tomatoes. To help increase your diet of these types of cancer fighting foods sometimes its a matter of being a little creative with your diet. There are many delicious receipts that can be found in books or online if you have never cooked or eaten fruits and vegetables considered high in phytochemicals.

Stop Carrying Access Weight
According to the American Cancer Society more than 100,000 cancers diagnosed in the U.S. each year are linked to excess body fat. This is alarming considering the recent increase in obesity throughout the country. The key to reducing your weight comes down to two main factors, lowering your calorie intake and increasing your physical activity. This ultimately means eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as staying active by incorporating more physical activity into your daily life. You don’t even need an expensive gym membership, you can once again get creative by taking the stairs instead of the elevators at work or take brisk walks around the mall. Exercise also helps combat fatigue for those that are currently receiving treatment for cancer. It is also said that carrying excessive weight results in poorer outcomes for those undergoing treatment.