Cancer Clinical Trials For Your Patients

Doctors Access to Clinical Trial Programs



We have partnered with Southern California Oncology Research Alliance (SCORA) in order to provide doctors access to clinical trials for their patients. Through our joint collaboration currently we are able to offer a variety of clinical trial programs for the development of new and effective anti-cancer medications. These robust programs include Phase II, III and IV cancer clinical trials.

Finding better ways to treat and prevent cancer is what motivates health care professionals to do clinical trials. Ultimately, our goal with clinical trials is to provide the best possible care to patients as well as participate in the effort to treat cancer for the benefit of the world’s population, and for the future of our families.

The search for better treatments begins in a laboratory, where new drugs, agents and procedures are tested. Once a drug is proven to be safe in animal testing, it can be ready for clinical trial, or used on humans to control and treat disease. Through this careful, scientific process, a new drug can be seen to destroy or modify cancer cells. Trials also allow doctors to observe the effectiveness of existing or standard treatments. This helps the medical community for find new and better ways to provide cancer care.

For each trial and type of disease a special process is involved for enrolling patients. Researchers will review medical records to determine if a patient is eligible to participate. Once a patient is found eligible for a trial, there is ample time given to allow patients to decide if they want to participate.
Patients may find that they are ineligible for a particular trial, but meet the requirements of another. You will help in guidance for choosing the right clinical trial for your patient. Throughout their care, you will be as involved in seeing the progress of your patient and be informed of other treatments that are available.
It is important to keep in mind that participation in a clinical trial is voluntary. If at any time during the trial the patient decides to stop treatment, we will support their decision.

To get more involved in helping the advancement in medicine and/or in providing patients access to new found research in cancer treatments, please get in touch with our trusted experts at SCORA that specialize in oncology research.