Los Angeles Cancer Network

Become a Part of Our Growing Network

By joining the Los Angeles Cancer Network you will be part of a select group of medical professionals that has been providing medical care within cancer treatment for over three decades. Our number one objective is to ensure our network of doctors are able to provide their patients with the highest quality of healthcare possible. We do that by providing our participating doctors with access to the latest technology, medicine and research within oncology. We also provide our doctors with the necessary tools, expertise and best practices in operating a successful medical office.

If you currently have a patient that is in need of cancer screening or requires treatment please visit our Patient Referral page.
Advantages of Joining Our Network:

  • Broad access to cancer screening and treatment medical facilities
  • Tools to reduce administrative duties for you and your staff
  • Professionally administered medical claims and billing group
  • Access to clinical trial programs for your patients
  • Training programs for your medical office management team


Please contact us today to join our growing network of doctors. Call us today at: (323) 254-0046.

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