Why Choose LA Cancer Network
Our team of doctors are highly recognized medical professionals with years of experience in cancer treatment. The doctors on staff have the expertise required in treating various types of cancers. Our highly trained medical staff is here for your support and ready to assist your treatment needs. Plus our medical office locations are backed by leading hospitals in the country.
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Stay active and get involved  by connecting with cancer patients from around the world to get guidance and information about your well-being.  Join the conversation with our online interactive community.

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Patient Care Philosophy
Our philosophy for patient care is in line with our commitment in providing the most excellent care and support possible. Our experienced medical team has a strong belief that support is just as important as medical treatment. We believe that it is our responsibility to continuously provide patients with the latest in medical information in order to promote optimal treatment outcomes.
Clinical Trial Programs
We have partnered with Southern California Oncology Research Alliance (SCORA) in order to provide our patients with access to clinical trials. Through our joint collaboration we are able to offer a broad range of clinical trial programs for the development of new and effective anti-cancer medications. These robust programs include Phase II, III and IV cancer clinical trials.

Interactive Patient Tools

Interactive Patient Tools
Managing Your Treatment

From coping with side-effects to healthy eating tips for maintaining a healthy diet during your treatment process, our Interactive Patient Tools can provide you with helpful information during your care. Use Our Patient Tools

Taking You Into Our Care

Cancer Patient Care
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Starting the process is simple and easy.

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Discover what makes our medical team different.

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We accept a wide range of health insurance.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your oncologist is still in the HealthCare Partners Network.

Treatment and Procedures
Learn about the different cancer procedures.

Living Beyond Cancer
More on adjusting to life after cancer.

Patient & Family Support

Cancer Resources
Additional Information About Cancer

At LA Cancer Network we believe that cancer care goes beyond medical diagnosis and treatment. We understand that cancer can take an emotional toll on you and the people closest to you.

For this reason we have created a cancer resource center that includes information on additional outstanding organizations dedicated to the support of cancer patients, survivors and their families.
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